Mastani is the vision of Kudrat Makkar, the Founder and Creative Director. Through Mastani, she wants to take the customers to a journey into the world of the hands that made it and the culture that shaped it. By using handmade traditional techniques which are inherited by the artisans from their ancestors. Her aim is to preserve and revitalise her cultural heritage through Mastani.

The woman of today has evolved from a stereotyped subservient past to an individual that commands power and respect.

Mastani embraces this woman.

Inspired by the evolution of modern women to a position of power, Mastani is characterised by strength and beauty. With the ideology that embraces cultural heritage and contemporary fashion influences, our aim is to inspire confidence and empower women to express the multifaceted modern female identity.



We thrive to preserve and revitalise hand-made and traditional techniques which are often passed from one generation of artisans to the next. For Mastani, luxury is defined by the detail and unique quality that creating a garment by hand brings.

The essence of Mastani is the concoction of age-old craftsmanship and modern design excellence with a focus on sophistication and edge. Our artisans are masters in embellishment, hand looming, structure and contemporary silhouettes. They bring to life the design ethos which is to blend tradition and modernity, timelessness and uniqueness. All garment construction is performed in house at our Mastani atelier.

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With a focus on sustainability, Mastani constructs garments within an environment that promotes strong ethical practices.

The Mastani-owned atelier is located in Bengaluru, Indian state of Karnataka and consists of a small technical team of twenty. Our close-knit team is provided with excellent working facilities and resources. With an open door policy, our atelier often has visitors from local community members as well as other artisans who also practice handmade traditional techniques.

We pride ourselves on our ability to utilize our textile waste. No scraps are disposed of, but stored for finishing's and trimmings on all our garment bags and some silhouettes. Samples and garments that do not pass quality control are either upcycled by the atelier or donated within the local community.